The payroll accounting software for trustees

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  • Merve Yildirim

Are you a trustee and considering using quitt Business as a payroll administration tool for a client? Or is your client already using quitt Business for payroll administration? Nothing could be easier, and this article shows you how.

Calculate payroll deductions

Calculate your employees’ payroll with our free payroll calculator.


The services of quitt Business

In the area of payroll accounting, quitt Business takes care of all registrations and all correspondence with the authorities for newly established companies that have not yet taken out insurance, the provision of employment contracts, team contracts and expense regulations, the conclusion of and correspondence with insurance companies, as well as the correct payroll accounting and payment of wages on an ongoing basis, including all payroll documents. The customer account is topped up with the required amount using the prepaid method and all wages and taxes are paid from this. This means that quitt Business not only provides the software, but also takes over all operational tasks in the area of payroll accounting.

Simplified financial accounting

Instead of managing all accounts for personnel expenses, one posting record is sufficient with quitt Business: 

  • Personnel expenses / Bank

Wages no longer need to be itemized in financial accounting because quitt Business stores everything in detail. In the event of an audit, the necessary documents can be downloaded at any time as an Excel file. Of course, it is also no problem to manage the individual personnel expense accounts in financial accounting. The individual values of the payroll journal can be transferred to financial accounting at any time, regardless of which accounting software is used.

Download: Payroll journal example from quitt Business

Time saving

quitt Business replaces the payroll module in the accounting software and also the person responsible for wages. The person keeping the accounts is relieved accordingly, whether owner or trustee. We take care of accident reports, family allowances, source tax settlements, provision of salary documents, payslips, salary payments and much more. On time and correctly every month.

Login for trustees

As a trustee, you will be entrusted with the financial accounting of your clients and therefore you must be able to access the payroll figures at all times. No problem, the company can add you to quitt Business as an employee with administrator rights. This gives you access to employment contracts, payslips, wage statements, cost overviews and the payroll journal at any time and you can download the documents whenever you want. In future, you will be able to enter your e-mail address to receive the desired documents at the desired time.