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Register with all authorities
Complete payroll
Legally correct employment contracts

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One registration.
All done.

Register your employees with the compensation office (AHV, IV, EO, etc.), insurance (BU, NBU, KTG), tax office (QST) and pension fund (BVG) – all from one app.

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Insurances included.
Carefully selected.

We take care of the complete registration, declaration and billing of your employees. In addition to our mandatory insurances, we also offer supplementary ones.


Automated salary payment.
Expenses and bonuses included.

We take care of the entire payroll for you. No uploading of payment files. No logging into online banking.


14 documents.
Created based on your data.

Logged into the customer area, employees have access to the employment contract, team contract and expense regulations, and all other documents.

Individual employment contract
Adaptable team contract
Adaptable expense regulations
Monthly pay slips
Annual salary statement
Cost overview
Payroll journal
Certificate of temporary employment
Document storage for each employee

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Andres Roost

We are quitt.

quitt is the market leader for the correct registration, insurance and payroll of private household help in Switzerland.

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Based on your information, quit Business knows what you need. We decide for you which authorities to register with and what social security contributions are due on your employment. We make sure that the employment is managed professionally and socially fair.

Compulsory insurances

  • Cantonal compensation offices
    • All social security contributions like AHV, IV, EO, ALV and FAK
  • Accident insurance (UVG)
    • Always: occupational accident insurance (BU).
    • From 8h/week per employee: non-occupational accident insurance (NBU).
  • Pension fund
    • From an annual salary of CHF 21’510 per employee.
    • Employment contracts limited to three months are excluded.
  • Sick pay insurance (KTG)
  • Tax offices
    • For employees liable to source tax (not CH-citizen or C-card).

Voluntary supplementary insurance

  • Supplementary accident insurance hospital private + gross negligence.

More about insurances

CHF 19 per employee per month. Added to this is 0.1% per insurance policy taken out of the total gross salary settled.

More about our prices

There is no service comparable to quitt Business. We are an automated and specialized online trustee that takes care of everything related to hiring and billing employees, without you having to hire internal or external staff.

Here, you save time and money:

  • Trustee
    • We take care of all administration and communicate with all authorities: register, settle accounts, pay invoices and support you in all matters concerning your employment.
    • Every year we update all tariffs from all our partners, compensation offices and authorities in all cantons.
  • HR
    • Payroll: quitt Business saves you the trouble of downloading the payment file from the accounting department, uploading it to online banking and triggering it. Regardless of whether regular or hourly employment.
    • New employment: No need to send around the personnel master data sheet. With quitt Business, you only enter the mobile number of the person to be hired.
    • Pregnancy, child allowances, military, illness: no problem with quitt Business. Just press the “child allowances” button in the app. We know what to do – and do it for you.
  • Legal advice:
    • Based on your information, we create employment contract, team contract and expense regulations (plus over 10 other documents).
    • No stress with changes in the law – quitt Business stays up to date for you.

quitt Business does not replace any accounting tool
We take care of everything that concerns the employment and billing of employees, but have nothing to do with invoicing, for example. quitt Business works perfectly with Bexio, Abacus, Banana, etc.

Among many other documents, quitt Business provides employment contract, team contract and expense regulations. You are free in the design of these documents, you can adapt them to your own wishes and requirements and upload them to your customer area.

More about employment contract, team contract and expense regulations

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