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Employment contract

Shorten the employment contract and clarify the details in the team contract! This way you can save yourself the trouble of rewriting employment contracts.

Team contract

Regle in deinem Teamvertrag Details, wie Homeoffice, Arbeitszeiten und mehr. Den Teamvertrag kann man laufend anpassen.

Expense regulations

Define which expenses may be charged and define the form of the expense form. The expense regulations can be changed continuously.

Hiring employees checklist

Hiring new employees? We have a checklist for you that will help you with the hiring process…or use quitt Business!

Job reference

Your employees have the right to a reference at any time. With our template you can write a great reference.

Cancellation letter

Dismissing an employee is always difficult and emotional. It is important to hand over the dismissal in writing so that it is water tight!

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We take over by power of attorney.

Registration with all authorities
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Withholding tax registration
Registration pension fund
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Expenses & Bonuses
Board and lodging
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Customizable team contract
Customizable expense regulations
Individual employment contract
Communication with the insurance companies
Case handling
Optional registration UVG+
Registration sick pay insurance
Registration pension fund
Registration accident insurance
Individual login
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